Edgar Cayce and his Family in Photographs, 1903-1940

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Edgar Cayce and his Family in Photographs, 1903-1940


Before dedicating his life's work to psychic readings, Edgar Cayce worked as a professional photographer. The E.C.F. Archives reflect his love of photography with an extensive collection of images, documenting the lives of the Cayces and those around them.


All images are copyrighted by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. For image use request information, please contact the archivist.

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Edgar and Gertrude Cayce marriage portrait
26 year-old Edgar Cayce married 22 year-old Gertrude Evans in June 1903 at her family's home in Christian County, Kentucky. They moved to Bowling Green shortly after to establish a photographic studio.

Edgar Cayce with sons Hugh Lynn and Edgar Evans
Edgar and Gertrude Cayce's son Hugh Lynn was born in 1907. Their younger son Edgar Evans was born in 1918.

Cayce family
Hugh Lynn, Gertrude, Edgar Evans, and Edgar Cayce pose together in front of the family's recently acquired Pontiac parked next to their home in Virginia Beach. Gertrude Cayce was the primary driver of the new car, in which she would bring home bagsā€¦
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