Leslie Burr Cayce

Leslie Burr Cayce, Edgar Cayce's father, was the second of ten children born to Thomas Jefferson Cayce and Sarah Pearline Thomas Cayce. L.B. Cayce (also called the Squire) was a farmer, merchant, insurance agent, and photographer. L.B. and Carrie Major Cayce were married June 10, 1874. They had seven children, two of whom died in infancy: He conducted many of the early readings for his son. When Edgar and Gertrude lived in Selma, Alabama, L.B. Cayce lived with them and worked in the photographic studio. During his son's travels to raise money for Cayce Petroleum Company, L.B. acted as manager. He also made his home with the Cayces in Virginia Beach after the death of his wife in 1926. He was slightly injured in a house fire in Nashville, Tennessee, while visiting his daughter Sarah. He died of complications related to those injuries on April 11, 1937, and is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.