Carrie Elizabeth Major Cayce

Edgar's mother, Carrie Elizabeth Major Cayce, was the youngest of seven children born to Urial Lodowick Major and his wife, Elizabeth Ann Seargeant. U.L. Major was a farmer in Christian County and farmed at Cedar Grove until his death on September 21, 1861. He is buried in Christian County, in a private family cemetery. U.L. Major and Elizabeth Ann Seargeant were married October 1, 1838. Elizabeth Ann was born July 23, 1821, and died October 19, 1875. L.B. and Carrie Major Cayce were married June 10, 1874. They had seven children, two of whom died in infancy: Lela 1. Cayce, born January 22, 1875; died as an infant; Edgar Cayce, born March 18,1877; died January 3, 1945; Annie Cayce, born November 20,1879; died July 20,1957; unmarried; Ola Cayce, born October 25,1881; died July 31,1967; married; Thomas Leslie Cayce, born November 19,1882; died as an infant; Mary Ella Cayce, born April 24,1886; died March 19,1970; married; Sarah Elizabeth Cayce, born January 7, 1888; died April 13, 1984; married. Carrie Major Cayce died in 1927.