Thomas Burr House

Dr. Thomas B. House, Sr. was born in Orlanda, Tennessee, on April 3, 1867. At the time of his marriage to Caroline Salter, he was living in Springfield, Tennessee, where he was in private practice, and he later joined the staff of the Western State Hospital in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He was a medical doctor, an osteopath, and a pharmacist. Dr. House was the chief of staff of the Cayce Hospital when it opened in Virginia Beach. He subsequently became gravely ill, and a reading suggested Dayton, Ohio, as a place where he might be treated. Dr. House was moved from the Cayce Hospital in September to Dayton, where he died of kidney failure on October 8, 1929. Dr. Lyman A. Lydic replaced Dr. House on January 2, 1930, as chief of staff at the Cayce Hospital.