James M. Churchward

ames M. Churchward (1851-1936) was a British writer, army officer, inventor, engineer and fisherman who claimed the existence of the lost continent of Mu underneath the Pacific Ocean. He was born in Okehampton, Devonshire, to Henry Churchward and Matilda Gould Churchward. He had four brothers and four sisters. James M. Churchward studied engineering at Oxford and Sandhurst Military College. He married Mary Stephanson in 1871 and shortly after traveled to India for military service, rising to the rank of colonel. Churchward claimed that he learned of the lost continent from a temple high priest. He resigned his commission in 1880 to continue his search for evidence. In 1884, he traveled to America where he financed his research by patenting railroad inventions. His writings on Mu include: The Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Man (1926) Copies of Stone Tablets Found by William Niven at Santiago Ahuizoctla Near Mexico City (1927) Books of the Golden Age (1927) The Children of Mu (1931) The Lost Continent of Mu (1931) The Sacred Symbols of Mu (1933) Cosmic Forces of Mu (1934) Second Book of Cosmic Forces of Mu (1935) Churchward died while enroute to a lecture in Los Angeles, California in 1936 at the age of 84.