The Edgar Cayce Foundation

Star of the Sea Catholic Church and home of Edgar Cayce at Arctic Crescent, 1940-1945. E.C.F. Photography Collection. Copyrighted by E.C.F.

During Edgar Cayce's lifetime, the records of the readings were his personal property. After his death, they became the property of his sons, Hugh Lynn Cayce and Edgar Evans Cayce, and his secretary, Gladys Davis Turner. They were stored in the Cayce home and office. In February 1948, the Edgar Cayce Foundation (E.C.F. or "the Foundation") was chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide permanent legal and physical custody of historical resources including: The Edgar Cayce readings themselves and various compilations of extracts from the readings, including microfilm and electronic copies, related correspondence and records, such as original stenographer notebooks, appointment books, research studies and reports on the readings, indexes and inventories, reports of preservation activities, photographs, sound and video recordings, correspondence, business papers, and files of Hugh Lynn Cayce, Gladys Davis Turner, and other early staff members. Other materials include lectures and other writings by Edgar Cayce, Hugh Lynn Cayce, Gladys Davis Turner, and others who donated their records to the Foundation. The archive also preserves various Cayce Family papers and memorabilia as well as official historical and business records for the A.R.E., E.C.F., and Atlantic University.

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